IMPROVING STUDENTS VOCABULARY THROUGH PICTURE-SERIES-BASED STORY TELLING ( A Classroom Action Research at Eighth Grade of SMPN 2 Sempor , Academic year 2010/2011)

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Keyword : Vocabulary; Picture-Series-Based Story Telling
Subjek : Vocabulary; Picture-Series-Based Story Telling


The title of this Thesis is Improving students vocabulary through picture-series-based storytelling (A classroom action research at Eight grade of SMP Negeri 2 Sempor, academic year 2010/2011). The aim of the research was to improve students vocabulary using picture-series-based storytelling. The research was done at eight grade of SMP Negeri 2 Sempor with 40 students in academic year 2010/2011 as the subject of the research. It was done in one month starting on 20 of April 2011. Based on the observation, the researcher found some problems such as: the fact that students vocabulary competence is low, only a few students got a good mark in vocabulary test.

The researcher used (CAR) as the method of the research. To perform the research the researcher worked in collaboration with the English teacher. The CAR was based on Kemmis and Mc. Taggart model design. The researcher took two cycles with four actions (two actions each cycle).

The data were collected through the observation, test, interview, and questionnaire. The data were analyzed using qualitative and quantitative data analyzes. In analyzing the qualitative data, the process included collecting data, reducing data, presenting data and making conclusion. The quantitative data were calculated by using Mean and t-test.

From the data analyzes, it is found that the students vocabulary improved after the collaborative teacher taught vocabulary by using picture-series-based storytelling. It could be seen that the mean of the students vocabulary mastery in post-test 2 was 76. 00; it improved by 17.5 point from pre-test that was 58.15. The use of picture-series-based storytelling also improved students motivation and students activities in learning English, especially vocabulary. The students were more interested in learning English, working in group, discussion and doing the assignment. Most of the students were actively involved the activities.

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