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Keyword : Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Islamic Psychotherapy, Psychological Well being, Psychosomatic

This case study is based on 1. cases cured state repeatedly relapses in patients with psychosomatic (myoma) with complaints and psychological symptoms, as patient had not detected the factors causing recurrent relapses cured medically. It is possible that the main cause is psychological factors, thus classified as psychosomatic disorders in a clump of psychological therapy. 2. It could not be resolved by using a purely psychological therapy (unladen spiritual). This study aimed to obtain embryonic theory of "healing" using Islamic psychotherapy, the paradigm of Transpersonal Psychology. Transpersonal Psychology looked at individuals more fully, namely personal and transpersonal. The method used is case analysis, to assess the healing process and the results of medical (physician) and psychologically, in three patients with myoma with the same case. Islamic Psychotherapy was done using psychotherapy and procedural techniques of Transpersonal Psychology, as well as methods in Islam; purifying heart and getting closer to the Creator. The findings of this study showed that there was a reduction process of myomaa size and it ended with the declared safe by doctors as well as effective not recur. A decline in complaints and psychological symptoms until they reach arelatively sedentary sense of relaxation. The utmost significant change using Islamic Psychotherapy is the transformation of the spiritual, even religious transformation. It also affected on the sense of broad minded, compassion, a sense of a quality relationship with Allah, relax on the sensations of psychological and physical, a sense of peace and happiness, these things are contents in more fully Psychological well being which affected on myoma recovery.

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