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Ethnopharmacology Study of Medicinal Plants in Kutawaru and Sirau Barlingmascakeb

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Oleh : Nunik Masrifatun, Dwi Rizki Amalia, Anjar Mahardian Kusuma, and Arif Budiman, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (
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Keyword : Ethnopharmacology, Kutawaru, Sirau, Barlingmascakeb

Kutawaru and Sirau village is have limited access to health care provider. It makes people still use the plant as medicine to solve their health problems. The objective of

this research is to observe the medicine plants and how to use them as medicine by Kutawaru and Sirau villagers. This research is done by descriptive survey method. Sampling by purposive sampling technique. Data collection technique with semistructured interview with traditional medicine practicioner (Pengobat Tradisional/Battra). Respondent in Kutawaru Village have 5 traditional healer for babies and in Sirau Village there are 8 consist of 4 traditional healer for babies, 3 general traditional healers, 1 traditional massage healer. In Kutawaru, there are 49 species of plants with 37 families with the most commonly used Zingiberaceae (8 species) and in Sirau has same result

with Kutawaru in most commonly used plant families is Zingiberaceae (5 species) – there are 37 species with 24 plant families. The method of processing plants to be a medicine both in Kutawaru and Sirau are mostly by boiling 38.5% and 39.47%, respectively. In addition, the use of medicine the most widely is by drinking (66%). Zingiberaceae is the most plant families that be used as medicine in Kutawaru and Sirau.

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