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Pengaruh Fungsi Arbuskula pada jagung Manis (Zea Mays saccharata Sturt) dengan konsentrasi Zn media Tanam yang berbeda

Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Concentration of Zn on Sweet Corn

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Oleh : Oetami Dwi Hajoeningtijas, Agus Mulyadi Purnawanto, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (
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Keyword : Total N, vailable P, exchangeable K, soil quality, crop productivity

Zinc (Zn), one of the heavy metals, is an essential nutition for sweet corn, hence it is important for the plant to control the Zn uptake to a level that is not phytotoxic. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungsi (AMF) may assist plant in controlling the uptake of Zn. And to investigate the role of AMF symbiosis in controlling Zn uptake. The pot trial used Randomized Completaly Block Design with two factors in three blocks for six monts. The first factor was AMF inoculum dosage : Do= without AMF; D1=30 spores (3,75 g); D2 = 60 spores (7,5 g) D3 = 90 Spores (11,25 g). The second factor was Zn concentration in the latosal soil : M0=without Zn or 5 kg purw soil; M1=100 ug Zn/g soil;M2=200 ug Zn/g;M3=300 ug Zn/g;M4=400 ug/g soil ;M5=500 ug Zn/g soil. The data was collected at 65 days after planting. Aplication of Gigaspora margarita (30 spores/plant)increased the weight of corn without cornhusk and AMF root colonisation of sweet corn. Zn conten of sweet corn seed still within reasonable limits suitable for consumtion (low conten), <20 ug/g at Zn concentration of 500 ug/g

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