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Antibacteria Activity and Acute Dermal Irritation Test in Antiacne Facial Wash from Ethanol Extract of Papaya Seeds (Carica papaya L)

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Oleh : Putri Mayasari Hidayat, Nunuk Aries Nurulita, Erza Genatrika, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (
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Keyword : Acne, safety product, facial wash, antiacne, acute dermal irritation

Acne is a problem experienced by teenagers or young adults with prevalence of incidence 85%. This high prevalence encourages people to find solutions, one of them is the use of anti-acne cosmetic product. Before the product can be sold, product safety must be considered. The use of unsafe product will decrease health and can cause other effects. Erythema and edema can be used as skin irritation parameter due to side effects of product use. The objective of this research is to determine effectiveness of the anti-acne facial wash product in P. acnes and S. epidermidis bacteria and to know the safety of antiacne facial wash product which do not cause acute dermal irritation effects. This experimental research use diffusion method that measures its inhibitory zone as an anti-acne activity and use panch test method to examine the level of product safety. The results is that antiacne facial wash with ethanol extract of papaya seeds have an antiacne ability in P. acnes dan S. epidemidis bacteria. The facial wash was observed for 4 weeks of storage. It is found that the shape, smell, color, homogeneity, pH, and the height were stable and in accordance with SNI standard. The result on the safety test shows that the primary irritation index score on the whole formula is 0, so the product of ethanol extract papaya seeds facial wash is safe from an acute dermal irritation effects.

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