RETELLING STORY AS A TECHNIQUE TO IMPROVE STUDENTS IN SPEAKING COMPETENCE (A Classroom Action Research at the VIII Grade students of SMP NEGERI 9 Purwokerto Academic year 2009/2010)

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Keyword : Retelling Story; Technique; Speaking Competence
Subjek : Retelling Story; Technique; Speaking Competence


This research aimed at improving the students English speaking competence and the students English activeness using Retelling Story. The subject of this research was the students of VIII grade of SMP N 9 in the academic year 2009/2010. It consisted of 37 students. This research was a Classroom Action Research (CAR). The writer worked collaboratively with the English teacher as the collaborator teacher. The researcher used Kemmis and Mc.Taggart design: making plan, acting, observing, evaluating and reflecting. There were 2 cycles and each cycle covered 2 actions.

The data were collected through the observation,questionnaire,interview, documention, field note and speaking test (pre test and post test). The writer empolyed qualitative and quantitative data as the technique for analyzing data. The qualitative data were analyzed based on the observation result of students activities in the class and questionnaire while quantitative data were analyzed by using speaking test.

The data analysis showed that the use of retelling story could improve the students speaking competence. The mean of students speaking competence was as follows; the mean of pre test was 6.11 and the mean of post test cycle 2 was 9.94. Therefore, the improvement from pre test to post test in cycle 2 was 62.84%. The data observation showed that the average of the students improvement in speaking activity in cycle one at 38.80% and the cycle two at 51.48%. Then the improvement from cycle one to cycle two was 45.14%. The data from questionnaire which consisted of 10 questions showed that the students gave positive responses to the implementation. It was also supported by interview result that the students felt enjoyed and happy in following the teaching learning process. Consequently, the teaching speaking using Retelling story could improve students competence in speaking activity.

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