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Oleh : Susanto, Akhmad Jazuli, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto
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Keyword : abundance, diversity, domination,fish age structure,Logawa river.

This research was purposed to reveal and discover fish community in Logawa River, Banyumas Residency. It includes: (1) aquatic qualities which include physical and chemical parameters and plankton species variation, (2) Fish species abundance, diversity, and domination, (3) Fish age structure based weight and total lenght and (4)Condition factor, fecundity, gonade growth level (GGL), gonade growth index (GGI) and sex ratio. Research done by survey methods, with purposive random sampling methode. There were three research locations, which were : location one (upstream of LogawaRiver), location two (middlestream of Logawa River), and location three (downstream of Logawa River). There were three sampling points in each location: right side, left side, and in the middle of the river. Fish sampling, plankton sampling, and aquatic physical and chemical factors measuring were done at noon (08.00-14.00 Local Time) and at night (20.00-24.00 Local Time). Peripherals used were : spreaded nets, and hands web. Peripherals used was: spreaded nets, and hands web. Research was done in eight months which replicated every month, since December 2015 till May 2016. Sampled species then identified and verified in www. FishBase. org. Data analysis including: aquatic physical and chemical parameter and plankton species variation, fish abundance, fish species diversity and domination, age structure, condition factor, fecundity, gonade growth level (GGL), gonade growth index (GGI) and sex ratio. During research fishes caught were as many as 282 fishes divided to 20 Species, 13 Family and seven Ordo. Aquatic qualitiesfactor including aquatic physical and chemical parameters, which were : temperature, flowrate, brightness, dissolved oxygen and pH and plankton species variation in Logawa River Banyumas Residency were in good condition and suitable for fishes life. Cyprinidae Family found as most variated species and most founded spesies in individual number at LogawaRiver Banyumas Residency. There were low species diversity, but there werenÂ’t found any dominancies. Fish abundance andspecies diversity in Logawa river low.Condition factor, fecundity, gonade growth level (GGL), gonade growth index (GGI) and sex ratioin Logawa River Banyumas Residency are not ideal.

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