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Effect of Fluidized Bed Agglomeration on the Physical Properties of the Coconut Milk Powders

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Oleh : Alwani Hamad and Manop Suphantharika, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (
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Keyword : coconut milk; powder; spray drying; agglomeration; fluidized bed

The spray-dried coconut milk powders usually have a small particle size (10-100 mm). This may result in poor handling and reconstitution properties, product separation during shipping and handling, and dusting problems in manufacturing. Agglomeration is often chosen for solving these problems. This study determined the characteristics of the spray-dried coconut milk powders with different binder solution concentration were investigated. Agglomeration of the spray-dried coconut milk powders improved the handling and reconstitution properties of the powders. The optimum binder concentration was found to be 10% (w/v) maltodextrin which resulted in the largest particle size of the agglomerate (873 mm) having a very good flowability and low cohesiveness. The wettability (wetting time = 11 s) and dispersibility (54,53%) was not sufficiently improved. This aspect needed requiring further improvement.This study showed that fluidized bed agglomeration process improved instant properties of coconut milk powder with maltodextrin can be used for binder solution. The resulting spray-dried coconut milk powder exhibited poor handling and reconstitution properties which were further improved to a satisfactory level by agglomeration.

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