IMPROVING STUDENTS PARTICIPATION IN READING CLASS USING DIRECTED READING THINKING ACTIVITY (DRTA) STRATEGY (A Classroom Action Research at the First Grade of SMP Negeri 2 Sokaraja in the Academic Year 2010/2011)

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Keyword : Participation; DRTA Strategy; Reading; Classroom Action Research
Subjek : Participation; DRTA Strategy; Reading; Classroom Action Research


The purpose of this study was to improve students participation in reading class using Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA) strategy. The subject of this study was VII B class in the academic year 2010/ 2011 which consisted of 33 students. The study focused to students participation in reading class which was interpreted in some indicators. The indicators were: (1) giving prediction, (2) answering question, (3) asking question, (4) students interaction, (5) joining the lesson attentively, (6) doing the task. The method of the research was classroom action research. This study was carried out two cycles which each cycle consisted of two actions. This research started on March 23th 2011 until April 13th 2011.

The data was collected by using observation, questionnaire, and interview. Those data was analyzed by using descriptive quantitative technique. Based on the result of data analysis, the observation data showed the average of students participation percentage was 32.07% in Cycle 1. In Cycle 2, the average of students participation was 72.97%. The improvement was 40.90%. The indicator of action success for observation was 40%, so that the result was improved. The indicator of action success for questionnaire was 60% of the students response. The result of questionnaire showed 79.40% of students who stated yes. It means most of students gave positive response toward the implementation of DRTA in reading lesson. The result of interview showed that more than 70% of students felt happy and enjoyed in reading class by using DRTA strategy. They also became more interested in teaching learning process and had more motivation in reading class. Those all data proved that DRTA strategy was beneficial strategy to improve the students participation in reading class.

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  • Supervisor: Drs. Suwartono, M.Hum. and Endang Kusrini, S.Pd., M.Hum. , Editor: