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Localized English, What are Its Implications on English Language Teaching?

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Keyword : localized, implications, language, teaching

The phenomenon of Englishes (Localization of English) in some countries has become an interesting topic in language studies. The term such as Singlish (Singaporean English) or Manglish (Malaysian English) refers to the unique characteristics of English used in those areas. As a result, it may produce the unique variety of English. The term localized itself can be simply defined as local characters incorporated in English. Localization, on the other hand may be an attempt to abridge the learners difficulties in learning English in native-like way as well as to capture the specific psyche in that local.

Localized English allows the speaker to pronounce English words in a different way from the dictionary. It is also possible for them to be different in accent. As long as they understood each other, they do not need to bother themselves with the correct pronunciation and accent. As the consequence the students will not be burdened to speak as closely as native speakers accent and pronunciation. It is believed that localized English will give a great encouragement to the students since the difficulties in studying English in native-like way has been minimized by localization.

Localized English also gives a place for local cultures and values tobe incorporated into English language teaching. Therefore, local culture awareness will be another requirements in teaching English in such context.

Since it has been generally accepted as variety of English localized English surely has implications on English language teaching. This paper is aimed at exposuring some possible implications of localized English on English language teaching.

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