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Perubahan Bahasa: (Pemahaman Karakteristik dan Upaya Pemertahanannya)

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Keyword : language, change, maintenance, culture

Language change is a common phenomenon, but its nature is mysterious.(Murray in O grady, 2005). Although every language may experiences the change either slowly or quickly but for its speaker that change can not be observed clearly.Language change is an interesting topic to discuss since it is the common phenomenon faced by all of us, the language users. A language change is usually

characterized by the change of language structure. This claim is mainly based on Crystal s statement that all aspects of language structure and their usage may change (Crystal, 1987: 328).

Language change that happens almost on the languages in the world actually moves to the same direction: language simplification. This simplification can be manifested in all language aspects such as: phonology, morphology and

syntax. That simplification happens systematically so that it creates an observable pattern of change.

Related to above language aspects that may changes, the main aim of this paper is to discuss language change in the level of sound (phonology), words structure (morphology) and sentence structure (syntax). Hopefully, discussing above aspects will give us a better understanding about language change. This understanding becomes a strong empirical foundation that gives us guidance in taking any necessary efforts due to our

language change. Maintaining a language is the key word to ensure the preservation of the culture since language and culture are like two sides of intertwined coin.

Therefore, the second issue addressed in this paper is the efforts may be done by language users to maintain their language as a part of preserving their own culture.

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