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Understanding Tense and Aspect of English through Short Story

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Keyword : understanding, tense, aspect, English, short story

Understanding tense and aspect of English can be a difficult problem for most of Indonesian English learners. This difficulty is due to different typology and grammatical system between Indonesian language and English. In English, tense belongs to grammatical categories. Therefore a good mastery of tense will be very significant for learners competence in English.

An easy indicator about this confusion can be proved when the students think there are twelve or even sixteen tenses of English. This misconception surely will lead to practical disorder when they have to apply those tenses into sentences.

Theoretical explanation about the nature of each tense is not enough to overcome it. In this case, a practical application of the concept tense and aspect of English is urgentlanation of tense and aspect of English incorporated in to contextual sentences is more effective than conventional explanation.

Short story can be the media for the students in understanding tense and aspect of English based on two main reasons. Firstly, short story provides the context in which a certain tense is used. Secondly, short story provides time indicators. The combination of context and time indicator represented by the chronological order in a shot story will be influencing circumstances that boost

students understanding about tense and aspect of English.

This paper is aimed at exposing some benefits of using short story in understanding tense and aspect of English. It also focuses on the practical steps and considerations in using a short story as a tool in understanding tense and aspect of English.

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