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Increasing Students Social Awareness through Reality Case Writing Task

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Keyword : social awareness, reality case, in depth interview, writing task

The essence of education is not only to provide the students with sufficient knowledge dealing with their major, but also to equip them with certain norms and values required in a real social life. Social awareness is claimed to be one of social property rarely possessed by most of students.

Social awareness is a kind of sensitivity dealing with unfortunate condition of others. It is assumed that students will be able to increase their social awareness when they face the real condition in the society. Therefore reality case task in writing class is aimed at taking the students closer to the social condition by conducting a real observation.

Reality case task is designed for intermediate writing class. The students are asked to write an essay in a certain topic, such as: orphan, scavenger, or disabled. The students are asked to make an observation and an in-depth interview to reveal more information about their respondents.

In this task, the students are not only asked to portray the real condition of the respondents, but they should also provide the solution in solving the problem faced by their respondents as well as give their personal perception.

The result shows that students writing is more informative and attractive. They can apply the description style well in portraying their respondents. During the evaluation, instead of discussing technical matters, some of students admitted that this activity can provide them with inspiring topic of writing as well as empirical experience to be more sensitive with their surrounding.

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