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Treatment Cost of Early Stage Breast Cancer who s get 5-fluorouracyl, doxorubicine, cyclophosphamide (FAC) and taxan based combination chemotherapy

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Keyword : breast cancer, FAC, taxan based, cost of treatment

Background: Cancer is an important problem in health and economics. It caused by high morbidity and mortality rate, bad prognosys and chemotherapy resistance which cause the number of cancer patient increase annually. Appropriate selection of combination chemotherapy has an important role to outcome therapy in breast cancer patient. One of the recommended combination chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer are antracyclin and taxan based.Objective: the research puspose is to find out the cost of treatment differences in early stage breast cancer whose get combination chemotherapy FAC and taxan based.Methods: the method of this research is observational analytic study with cross sectional design and the data collection method is retrospective to medical records and hospital information systems.Results: From 110 patients who is included in this research population, 61 (54.45%) patient get FAC combination and 49 (44.55%)patient get taxan based combination. Mean of patient age is 47,76 years old. Cost of treatment of patient with FAC combination is paid by insurance (50,8) but patient with taxan based chemotherapy is paid by non-insurance (38,8). Most patient with taxan based combination is on stage IIB (53,1%) at the first diagnosed, but most of patient with FAC combination is on stage IIA and IIB (32.8%). Patient with taxan based combination chemotherapy has worse intermediate outcome than FAC combination, and it seen that taxan group had longer length of stay and worse survival.Conclusion: Cost of treatment in breast cancer patient with taxan based chemotherapy combination is almost three times higher than patient with FAC combination buat patient with taxan combination has a worse intermediate outcome than patient with FAC combination.

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