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Effects of maltodextrin concentrations on the physical stability of reconstituted spray dried coconut milk emulsion

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Oleh : Alwani Hamad, Manop Suphantharika, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (
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Keyword : coconut milk, spray dry, emulsion, wall material, maltodextrin

The physical properties of the liquid emulsions before spray drying are critical to the encapsulation to the lipids. The amount of the wall material may affect to the stability of emulsions. It may affect in physical stability powder after reconstitution. The optimum wall

material has means that the minimum concentration to sufficient in stability emulsion spray dried after reconstitution. This study we used maltodextrin as a wall material. Maltodextrin is a hydrolyzed starch that used as filler and formalize wall matrix in spray drying process. This

study determined the effects of the maltodextrin concentration on the physical stability emulsions of spray dried coconut milk powder. The freshly prepared coconut milk without adding water blends with maltodextrin (3% to 20% w/v) at 3 % (w/v) sodium caseinate as to be emulsifier. And then it was pasteurised by heated up at 70oC for 1 min and homogenized by two stages (200/20 bar), respectively. The emulsion was spray dried and analised of emulsion before and after spray dray reconstitution in particle size, microscopy and creaming index. The increasing concentration of the maltodextrin from 3% to 20% denoted the increasing of the homogenized mean oil droplet size (d3.2) from 0.82 to 3.44 μm. The reconstituted mean oil droplet size as effect concentrations of maltodextrin exhibited significantly higher than after homogenization. After reconstitution of coconut milk powder, all the emulsion samples showed stability, except at 20 % w/v maltodextrin. This sample led instability after reconstitution due to coalescence and separate into two layers. It may conclude that the spray dried emulsion after reconstitution at higher amount of wall material showed instability.

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