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Teachers’ Response to the Introduction of English Phonetic Symbols

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Keyword : English Words, Phonetic Symbol, Pronunciation

Introducing English phonetic symbols to Kindergarten teachers in one of sub districts in Banyumas, Indonesia, received positive response. This social service was conducted since many schools applied English teaching and learning program as their extracurricular in responding to the demand of their students’ parents; meanwhile, the education background of the teachers did not support their ability to educate their students English. To encounter the problems, this service provided the basic knowledge of English through introducing English phonetic symbols to help the teachers learning pronunciation. This activity included the introduction of the English phonetic symbols role to English mastery, the kinds of phonetic symbols, how to pronounce English word correctly based on its symbols, how to read dictionary for identifying the sound of word, the impact of false learning to students’ English pronunciation mastery, and the impact of false pronunciation to meaning. Based on observation, field note, unstructured interview, and opened questionnaire results, the teachers gave positive response to this service.

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