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Characterization SNE (Self Nanoemulsion) of Astaxanthin of Haematococcus pluvialis as Natural Super Antioxidant with Various Ratio of Tween 80 and Propylene Glycol as Surfactant and Co-surfactant

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By : Lusi Nurdianti, Ratih Aryani, Indra, Dikdik Ahmad Sidik, STIKes Bakti Tunas Husada Tasikmalaya (
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Keyword : Astaxanthin, xanthophyll carotenoid, bioavailability, self nanoemulsion

Astaxanthin is a group of fat-soluble xanthophyll carotenoid found in many microorganisms and marine animals. The problem that exists in its use as an active compound of an antioxidants is due to lipophilicity and poor stability in the gastrointestinal tract thereby making low bioavailability. In this research offers the nanotechnology to develop astaxanthin nanoemulsion which is intended to improve the stability in the dosage form and also further developing new delivery paths in the use of antioxidants through transdermal delivery route so it has the optimal delivery. In this research will be made nanoemulsion astaxanthin formulation to produce good physical and chemical characteristics with use tween 80 and propylene glycol as surfactant and co-surfactant. Nanoemulsion were prepared by using the self-nanoemulsifying (SNE) method. Optimizations of formula were performed ranging from oil phase screening, surfactant type screening, and optimization of ratio of oil phase:surfactant:co-surfactant. Characterization of nanoemulsion were carried out by physical characterizations including globul size and polydispersity index, zeta potential, visual appearance, and globul morphology. Chemical characterization included the entrapment efficiency test. The results showed that the nanoemulsion astaxanthin had a 14.17 nm of globul size (with normal size distribution curve), the polydispersity index value is less than 0.5, the zeta potential is greater than (-20) mV, the entrapment efficiency is 87.81%, and has spherical globules form.

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