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The cost-effectiveness of HPV vaccination in addition to screening: a Dutch perspective

Journal from jhptump / 2018-08-16 11:33:02
Oleh : Didik Setiawan, Jos Luttjeboer, Tjalke Arend Westra, Jan C Wilschut, Auliya A Suwantika, Toos Daemen, Jarir Atthobari, Bob Wilffert & Maarten J Postma, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto
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Keyword : cervical cancer, cervical cancer screening, cost–effectiveness, HPV vaccination, The Netherlands

Addition of the HPV vaccine to available cytological screening has been proposed to increase HPV-related cancer prevention. A comprehensive review on this combined strategy implemented in the Netherlands is lacking. For this review, we therefore analyzed all relevant studies on cost–effectiveness of HPV vaccines in combination with cervical screening in the Netherlands. Most of the studies agree that vaccination in pre-sexual-activity periods of life is cost-effective. Based on published sensitivity analyses, the incremental cost–effectiveness ratio was found to be mainly driven by vaccine cost and discount rates. Fewer vaccine doses, inclusion of additional benefits of these vaccines to prevent HPV-related non-cervical cancers and vaccination of males to further reduce the burden of HPV-induced cancers are three

relevant options suggested to be investigated in upcoming economic evaluations.

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