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Developing Medication Error Indicators in PKU Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Hospital

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Oleh : Irma Risdiana, Erna Kristin, Adi Utarini, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (
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Keyword : indicator, medication error, medication use system.

Patient safety is an important issue in health care, especially in hospital. This issue develops into a systematic movement, either to limit error incident rate or prevent error occurrence. PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital gives response to that movement by creating Patient Safety Committee (KPRS). Although the team worked optimally, there are still many error incidents that can not be reported and prevented. One of them is medication error incident that even though happens frequently, but it is under reported. So identification and arrangement of medication error indicators are needed as an effort to optimize reporting system and increase preventing effort of medication error incident. The objective of this study was identifying various indicators which are properly used to measure the rate of medication error incident in PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital.

This research uses qualitative method with action research as research design. The research design is chosen in order to actively involve research subject in the process of identifying medication error indicators. The prime data are obtained by observation, focus group discussion, group interview, and Delphi method. The result showed that medication errors are factually and frequently incidents which were happened in PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital according to the result of diagnosing step. However, a good preventing and reporting system has not been done well.

Then according to the agreement of the related hospital managers, medication use system with modification is chosen as indicator framework. This framework leads to the choosing of some indicators based on literature. Twenty-three indicators are proposed to the experts by Delphi method and bear sixteen indicators which can be measured technically. Those sixteen indicators are also declared proper to be used after passing two steps of evaluation. Based on this research, sixteen indicators are acknowledged proper and appropriate to be used in measuring medication error incident in PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital, Yogyakarta.

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