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Validity and Reliability of Caring Instrument for Emergency Department; Gadar Caring Scale (GCS-46)

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Oleh : Jebul Suroso, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto
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Keyword : validity, reliability, caring instruments, emergency department

The validity and reliability of caring instrument for emergency department (ED) service in hospitals which are appropriate with patient’s needs including administration, environment, and behavior needs, have to be assessed. This study is aimed at developing caring instrument for ED. This study was conducted in five stages: 1) preparing initial draft of caring instrument; 2) getting expert’s judgment; 3) revisingng the draft; 4) conducting first and second phase testing; 5) compiling final draft. The respondents involved in this study were 32 nursing experts, and 330 ED patients. The data were analyzed using content analysis, item discrimination capacity using Pearson’s product moment, reliability test using Cronbach’s alpha, and construct validity using confirmatory factor analysis. The results

of instrument testing revealed that the content validity index is 0,55-0,93 with the average 0,79 (high), item discrimination capacity is 0,510-0,755 (high), reliability is 0,968 (very high) and the construct validity has met the goodness of fit criteria. These results are indicating that all constructs are able to explain and support caring instrument model for emergency services. This study resulted to a valid and reliable Gadar Caring Scale (GCS-46) instrument. This study recommends the hospitals of class C, B and the equivalent in Indonesia to use this instrument in their ED. Further testing is considerably required in order to obtain an applicable instrument for all hospital classes in Indonesia.

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